Savvy mum reveals how to feed family of four on £1.33 per person to beat rising bills

As the cost of living crisis bites across the UK, one mum has figured out how to spend just £1.33 a head on her family of four per day to combat her rising bills.

Stacey Victoria, who runs a popular Instagram page showcasing her savvy hacks, had to significantly cut back on her spending when she was left with just £27 to spend on shopping.

The mum to “two beautiful little girls” pays just under £300 every month for her gas and electric bills.

Stacey, who confessed the rising cost of living has “affected me massively”, says she can spend just over one pound per person.

She will spend £1.33 on herself, partner Kyle, and both her children totalling £5.32 a day. After her electric bill rose from £102 to £152 per month as well as her gas bill shooting up from £91 to £144 she began shopping on a strict budget.

The full time mum-of-two said: “The rising costs of everything have affected me massively and have given me more of a drive to cut costs even more than I already have.

“Having around £27 a week left over is a struggle, but I make it work and try to save what I have. “By living on reduced and free grocery items, I’m able to have that little extra saved on the side for any surprise extortionate bills.

“The best haul I’ve done to date was a £81 shop that came to £21 because everything was reduced.”

Stacey added: “I can make my family meals from as little as £1.33 per head a day. A pack of reduced mince costs around £1.88, a big bag of Jersey potatoes cost 90 pence, other reduced vegetables like carrots can cost 20 pence a bag, or even less than that if you get a single carrot.

“Adding the ingredients all together with some leftover gravy from a slow cooker pork roast, and it costs about £3 altogether, and can go quite far if you bulk it up with vegetables.”

Stacey swears by bargains, yellow label items, and using her Tesco Clubcard. She is also a fan of coupons and of Tesco’s reduced sandwiches, which she’s able to grab for as little as 50p and make a good lunch for her children.

What’s more, the Yorkshire mum has four freezers and swears by bulk buying items like bread and milk and will freeze them so they last longer.

She added: “I like to shop around for yellow sticker items, and I’ve managed to get everything from a turkey crown reduced from £40 for £1.99, to milk for 13 pence and fresh chicken for £1.12.

“I got an aubergine from a petrol station for just two pence which I was able to make a chunky vegetable curry with.”

She said: “I’m always on the hunt for vouchers and freebies, like when you see vouchers for theme parks on cereal boxes.

“If I see an advert for a freebie, I’ll usually do the survey for it, and have actually just got a free £10 voucher for filling in a survey that came through the post.

“I bought my daughter an iPad through Groupon which cost me £37, you have to wait a little longer for the items to be posted, and sometimes they’re not in the best condition. But it was the perfect gift, as it didn’t cost an extortionate amount, and my girl loved it.”

Now the Huddersfield resident’s mission is to help other mums like her who may be struggling on sticking to a budget. Every day she shares hacks on her Instagram page @eating_fresh_on_a_budget.

She shares where she gets her best deals, meal ideas, and tests bargain items such as washing tablets or discounted beauty products. The mum also shares cheap ideas to entertain children.