Cashier gobsmacked after customer shares plan to leave him half of his estate

A shop cashier has told of their shock after a regular customer unexpectedly named them in his will.

But what sounds like a kind gesture has left the worker unsettled as they fear the well-meaning man could land them in trouble.

The unnamed employee shared the story online after learning they were set to receive half the estate of an “elderly customer”.

Posting to Reddit, they explained the unexpected turn of events came about after a customer who “doesn’t have anything to do with” his children, finalised his last will.

And he decided to split everything between a charity and the worker, much to their surprise.

However, instead of welcoming the news, the employee wants the customer to change his mind.

Explaining their reaction, Throwaway05july2022 wrote: “I’m worried that when he does pass I’ll be investigated by the police, that they’ll think I coerced him to change it or something.

“After all, who leaves 50% of their estate to the cashier at their local shop?”

They also shared an insight into the pair’s relationship, writing: “I have an elderly customer who I’ve chatted to alot over the years and I gave him my number to call if he’s feeling too unwell to get shopping and I’ll pick it up for him.

“I did this and he asked for my full name and address. I assumed it was for his own safety so he had some kind of come back if I turned out to be scamming him or whatever. I wrote it down for him and thought nothing more of it.”

But as the employee now knows, the customer wanted the details to make the cashier a beneficiary of his will.

“I’ve told him I don’t want him money but he said he isn’t changing the will,” the post continued.

So the worker took to Reddit, asking what they should do next.

“I know this sounds farfetched and made up but it’s true and I’m so worried others will take me trying to kind and twist it into me taking advantage of an old man,” they concluded.

Thankfully, lots of people were on hand to offer reassurance.

One person replied: “You’re significantly over thinking this, as the solicitor oversaw the writing then that adds a safety layer.”

Another commented: “I had an elderly neighbour leave me £5k because I used to take his bins out and mow his lawn, these sorts of will arrangements are more common than you think.”

And another advised: “Sounds like he really appreciated all the care you have given him over the years and this is his way of saying thank you. If you aren’t comfortable with taking all of the money then you could always donate it to the other charity he chose.”