Family left in stitches after groomer gives their dogs a mohawk

A family have been laughing for ‘two days straight’ after collecting their dog from the groomers.

Wanting to cool their dog down for the summer, the family decided to book their dog, named Henry, in for a trim – but weren’t at all prepared for what they saw when they picked him up.

Speaking to Reddit, one user said: “This is my cousin’s dog, Henry, who was given a mohawk haircut from the groomer. We have been laughing for two days.”

In an attached picture, the dog is seen with a tuft of hair on the top of his head and a “rock star-liked” expression on his face, with users saying “he looks like he is posing for his new album”.

Commenting on Henry’s new look, one user said: “Henry looks like an older guy who’s genuinely offended that you’re making fun of his haircut that he actually really likes.”

Another user added: “He appears to be an old, distinguished gentleman. The name is perfect – I bow to his nobility.”

A third user said: “He needs a denim vest covered in late 80s to early 90s ska and punk band patches, and maybe some tartan trousers.”

However, other users couldn’t help but point out how human-like he looked when his new hairdo, admitting it gave them the “creeps”.

One user said: “I just sat here for 10 minutes staring at this dog thinking he looks like a man.

“I can’t figure it quite out but the little grey moustache/goatee thing is almost all dudes going into their 50s if they have American-style facial hair.

“He’s a middle-aged dude with an F150 in a three bedroom ranch who is in a sexless relationship in Kansas.”

Another user said: “Omg he is a copy of my neighbour. He will be so annoyed when I show him this photo, but it’s OK as he is always annoyed.”

But Henry isn’t the only dog who has been compared to a human this week as people have been left in stitches over a dog’s resemblance to Richard Branson.

The canine has captured hearts on social media after his picture was shared on Reddit with the simple caption: “My friend’s dog – he has a hairy wise old man’s face”.

In the picture, the dog appears to be scowling down the camera lens with a look of disgust on its face while being held up by one of its owners.

Users quickly jumped on the post to point out how the pooch has an incredible likeness to the founder of the Virgin Group, who now controls more than 400 companies across various fields.